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Collect more than moments; forge connections for a lifetime. nXlvl™ Digital Trading Cards (DTCs) go beyond the ordinary, creating opportunities for athlete and fans to engage like never before.




Create your own nXlvl™ Digital Trading Card (DTC) and change how your fans connect with your journey. With a few clicks, turn your photos and videos into personalized DTCs for friends and family to collect your best moments. Support your journey without any upfront costs by using the nXlvl Marketplace to help you reach talent camps, competitions, or education. You're in control as the creator, and your talents shine both in your performances and on our marketplace. Blockchain tech makes sure everyone gets their fair share, and you decide how your DTCs are sold, even sharing proceeds with charities or collaborators. nXlvl Marketplace connects you with fans for a personal and proven link to your journey, making each win a win for everyone.

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Collecting DTCs of your favorite athletes is a powerful way to support them. When you collect a DTC, you're providing direct support to the athlete you admire. Plus, you get a unique collectible that proves you were an early supporter, a special token of your connection with the athlete. If the DTC gains value and you decide to sell it, the athlete, if they've set up resale royalties, will continue to receive support. It's a continuous way for fans to support their favorite athletes, even beyond the initial collection.

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